Buddi Buscemi! 3" Enamel Pin!

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"After moving to a new city, young Bandy Aarclay receives a special present from his mother -- a seemingly normal looking Buddi doll that was supposed to become his new best friend. But as he takes it out of the box he comes face to face with the most horrific thing he's ever seen! Buddi Buscemi! And as he stares into those giant lifeless eyeballs he thinks to himself, "Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind ever want to take a perfectly good looking doll that worked well enough for 30 years and make it look like Steve fucking Buscemi?!?" And as he frantically searches for the gift receipt Bandy realizes what must he must do and unites with the other neighborhood children to stop this horrendous googly-eyed toy from wreaking bloody havoc on somebody else's childhood."

Celebrate yet another movie franchise we all grew up with and loved being turned into a fucking joke with your very own 3" Enamel "Buddi Buscemi" pin! Why ask why when you can just proudly display the movie franchise's failures and throw it back in their faces! So grab this bug-eyed spawn of Satan while you still can just in time for the spooky season!

*Made in a Bootleg Sweatshop somewhere in Los Angeles, California
*I'm just calling it how I see it and what I see can't be unseen
*Btw, I love Steve Buscemi. I just really think the new Chucky looks like him and that I do not love cause it's scary AF and not in a good way
*And don't worry the logos and text on the design won't be on the actual pin, lol. It's just there cause I'm sick and tired of other people taking credit for my work