Caramel ApplE.T. - "That Ruined Halloween" ROTTEN REJECT Edition!

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Did ya miss out on the original "prototype" edition of these? Welp stop fucking crying and pick up the Rotten Reject Edition for cheaper than the OG edition! Why you ask? Cause the razor blade in this settled in very odd areas rather than being more centered! They're still fucking rad and just as toxic (not like in your Ex kinda way but in like don't fucking eat it or you'll die kinda way)! Yay! So grab one now cause I only have 5 available!

Remember back in the 80's & 90's when somebody put razor blades inside caramel apples and gave them out to kids who were trick or treating and ruined Halloween for the rest of us? Yeah. I fucking do too. Well, it turned out to be complete bullshit. In fact that rat bastard of a lie had been spread wider than cheeks for years before and after. So to commemorate such a shitty time to be a kid I bring you the "Caramel ApplE.T. - That Ruined Halloween"! Yay. This special yet terrible hand cast prototype resin figure comes with a fake razor blade cast inside, a clear shiny red glaze and a drizzle of fake caramel! Each piece is unique in razor placement and caramel drizzle so don't expect to receive the one you really want cause life just doesn't work that fucking way...  But what ya can expect is a tiny ass run of never-to-be-made-exactly-like-this-again prototype editions! That and a shit ton of terrible puns and nostalgic sadness. So grab one now cause once they're gone they're fucking gone! Just like your childhood memories of a fun Halloween. Seriously though just wipe your tears and buy the shit out of this cursed reminder of one of the many things that ruined your childhood. You're welcome.

Made with emotional damage in Los Angeles, CA
*seriously please don't try to fucking eat it cause it will kill you faster than a real razor blade caramel apple
*the razor blade is fake, so emo kids go look elsewhere
*the tears are real though