This Is Your Brain On Kawaii: Pink Variant 2" Pin!

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"Is there anyone out there who still isn't clear about what doing Kawaii does?
Okay, last fucking time!
This is your brain.
This is Kawaii.
This is your brain on Kawaii.
Any fucking questions?"


Inspired by those shitty anti-drug commercials with the egg and frying pan from the 90's and the beloved lazy egg, Gudetama, comes a new pin for all my Kawaii'd the fuck out Fam! Let the world know that even though you know what Kawaii does to your cute ass brain, you don't give a flying side-face-peace-sign what they say! Doll it up, wig it down and say "Bai Bai" to all them haters! So snag this 2" Hard Enamel Pin for your big eyed, bright ass self or for that Kawaii loving friend or Fam in your life! Available in both a green and pink variant! This one is for the pink variant! All the texts, stars and of course, Gudetama, have sparkly, glittery enamel for that far from subtle Kawaii cuteness overkill!

*Made in a Kawaii Sweatshop somewhere in Los Angeles, California
*Not intended for non Kawaii's of any age
*Japanese inspired nauseating cuteness not included