Cries For No Apparent Reason: Enamel Pin

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Is the world burning down around you but you're still managing to keep your shit together? Then one tiny insignificant-to-everyone-else-but-you thing happens and you uncontrollably breakdown into tears? Well then this pin is for you! "Cries For No Apparent Reason" is a 2.25" soft enamel pin for anyone who goes from all smiles to all cries from one moment to the next without notice! Sure the world thinks you're crying for no apparent reason but only you know how fucked up you really feel! And that's okay! It's your shitty life party and you can cry if you want to. I know I do. I fucking love you!

Made while tears rolled down my face in Los Angeles, CA
*This is a sad excuse for a pin made by a sad excuse for a human being
*It is not suitable for anyone who doesn't breakdown into tears at least once a day
*If you are able to cope most days without falling apart or making a scene this pin is not for you