Dramatic: Enamel Pin

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This is a dramatic ass pin made for dramatic ass human beings. It is not intended for anyone who doesn't turn a minor situation into a scene right out of a Mexican soap opera. If you didn't overreact at least 10 times today then this pin is not for you. If you ordered chicken nuggies and they arrived without any dipping sauce and it ruined the rest of your life then this pin was made for you. With that said prepare to be let down one more time today once the buyer's remorse sets in. Which leads me to remind you that all sales are final just like your terrible life decisions. 



*Made with self doubt in Los Angeles, CA

*Not intended for anyone of any age

*Any resemblance to a real movie and/or character is completely coincidental and totally not on purpose

*And if you believe that one I have an investment opportunity in one of the quickest growing industries ever...calling cards