E.T. Pieces: Halloweenie Edition of 38!

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E.T. Pieces has been left behind (yet again) by his scumbag alien "friends" but this time he's back in a special orange Halloweenie colorway! Just pretend like that made sense! This terrible edition is limited to only 38 pieces and less than that are available for grabs! So give this sad resin alien with once delicious but now toxic Reese's Pieces inside a good home (or a shitty one...who the fuck am I to judge) just in time for Halloween! And just like the original green variant, nice he's gone that's fucking it! So what are you waiting for? Something of quality?!? If so then you're in the wrong place...

*This is a preorder. They will start shipping by 10/29. Thank you!*



*They are in production and will start shipping 10/29

*You will find imperfections on each piece: from small holes to tight cracks. If you can't live with this then please do not purchase my terrible shit. It will leave you sad, disappointed and broke 

*Each figure has random candy placement so each one will look different from the other (and no I can't guarantee one with pieces in it's head, sorry)

*All sales, like regrets, are final 

*Thank you for your hard earned monies. I fucking love ya'll