Extremely-Tired: Enamel Pin

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Do you suffer from life? Is existence bringing you down? Do you feel like giving up? Well don't give up just yet! Instead, just stop giving a fuck! And consult your bed, couch or floor today about letting yourself feel...Extremely-Tired! And what better way to let the world know they can fuck off with their opinions, politics, stupidity and their overall existence than with this terrible 2.25" soft enamel pin? And why all the bitterness and hostility you may ask? Because I'm fucking tired. Extremely-Tired. And I know you are too...

Made with fear and uncertainty in Los Angeles, CA
*For ages barely surviving and up
*Do not cry or operate heavy feelings of dissociation while wearing this depressing pin
*May cause hopelessness (existential dread may intensify this effect)
*Don't wear unless you're willing to cancel all your plans
*All sales are final just like my terrible life decisions
*You're not even reading this. Why do I even bother. Fuck this shit. I'm going back to bed.