Extremely-Tired: T-shirt (Unisex)

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Them: Awwwww...is that E.T. on your shirt?

You: Yup.

Them: Wait. That doesn't say Extra-Terr...

You: Nope. It says Extremely-Tired. That's what I am. Extremely-Tired. Now for fucks sake please fuck off.

You may not even need to have that conversation if they match up the words on your t-shirt to the expression on your face and luggage under your eyes. If you're at the point where you're okay with being left in a fucking river if it means being left alone then this shirt is for you. So buy one now so you can go back to sleep. It's okay. I understand. Most of us do at this fucking point. I fucking love you.

Made with fear & uncertainty in Los Angeles, CA
*This shirt is your spirit animal
*Shit sucks and everything's stupid right now
*All sales are final just like my terrible life decisions
*Fuck this shit I'm going back to bed