Fuck Everything: Enamel Pin

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Because sometimes the world is your burden instead of your oyster. Because sometimes it's not your party but you can still cry if you want to. Because sometimes things are horribly hard instead of easy peasy. Because sometimes the grass is not only greener on the other side but it's dry, dead and full of dog shit on yours. Because sometimes hard work pays off with more hard work. Because sometimes the glass is half full of piss. Because sometimes...Fuck Everything. And you now you don't even have to muster the will, breath or energy to say it with this 2.5" soft enamel pin! Just apply to your lapel, jacket, bag or wherever else you see fit and allow for everything to fuck off!


*Made with no fucks given in Los Angeles, CA
*This is a poorly made pin made by a poor excuse for a human being
*It is not intended for anyone with patience or optimism
*If you haven't drop kicked most everybody you know in your mind while having a conversation with them in person well then la dee frickin' da!
*Must be fucking nice but this pin is not for you
*Now move along "sunshine" before you catch more than just these bad vibes