Fuck 'Yo Couch: The Enamel Pin!

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"See, I never just did things just to do them, c'mon I mean, what I'm gonna do just all of the sudden just jump up and grind my feet in somebody's couch like it's something to do? Come on, I got a little more sense than that."

"...Yeah, I remember grinding my feet into Eddie's couch." -Rick James

From the cold blooded mind of Special Ed Toys comes "Fuck Yo' Couch!" the enamel pin! Because even though you may have a little more sense than that, sometimes the rich muthafucka can just afford to buy another one. . .so grind away! This 1.75" hard enamel pin comes with dirty cowboy boot prints designed into the cushions for that authentic "Fuck Yo' Couch" look! And each one comes carded on a custom 6"x4" cardback that is sure to have you saying, "I wish I had more hands, so I could give this pin, 4 thumbs down!". So pick one up today before you realize, "I should've never given you niggas any money!"

*Quality Sold Separately
*Artwork by the darkness brother
MOC Toys
*Not suitable for anyone of any age
*This product contains terrible puns
and moronic phrases which are known to cause buyer's remorse and could lead to the act of kicking rocks
*Common sense sold separately

*Made with terrible intentions near "The D" in Los Angeles, CA
*This will not get you any access to "The D"
*This will probably have you lose the respect of your friends and family and leave children pointing and asking their parents what it means
*You will probably ruin someone's vacation at "The D"
*At which point I will be one happy terrible human being because of it
*Haha! Oh boy!