Halloween Coming Soon: Enamel Pin

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It's not truly Halloween season until you see Halloween stores taking over all recently gone out of business toy, grocery and clothing stores! Because if there's one thing scarier than Halloween it's commercial failure! So relive the ghosts of retailers' past by returning to the scene of their demise to shop for orange dyed oreos to rubber rats while wearing your very own "Halloween Coming Soon" Enamel Pin! Each 1.75" Soft Enamel with Epoxy pin comes carded on a random colored vintage style backer! And remember...if you can't buy a 6ft tall motion activated replica zombie that shits out candy corn where the Ethnic food aisle used to be then what's the point?!?

*Made with bitter sweet joy in Los Angeles, California
*Not pumpkin spice scented or flavored
*That's totally not a picture of Geoffrey the giraffe with a cutout witches hat on it on the far back wall
*That badly blacked out sign does not say "I don't wanna grow up"
*If sad memories of what that store used to be come back buy more fake plastic cat skulls
*Buyers remorse included