Horrible Human Being: 3" Sticker

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Do you spend more than you earn on shit you don't need online? Do you have a second and/or third dinner in the middle of the night? Do you restart a show immediately after finishing it even though you've seen it more times than you've seen natural light? Do you have conversations using mostly or only memes? Do you "like" direct messages but don't actually respond to them with words like a civilized member of society? Do you spend 364 days out of the year waiting for one single day to relive or make up for your shitty childhood? Do you break out the scissors and/or hair dye in case of emotional emergencies, existential dread or sheer boredom? Do you make terrible jokes that are inappropriate no matter the occasion? Are you currently breathing? Well if you answered yes to any of these or other similar questions then congratulations! You're a Horrible Human Being! So buy this sticker that's as lacking in quality and substance as you are and wear it with pride because we're all a little horrible inside!

*Old shitty VHS tapes not included

Made with the worst intentions in Los Angeles, CA
*This 3" vinyl sticker is resistant to weather but not to regret
*It is not suitable for anyone of any age
*Feelings of being called out may lead to the act of unfollowing the terrible "artist" behind this sticker instead of embracing your horribleness, learning to laugh at yourself and supporting the asshole who pointed it out
*This also pays tribute to the shitty stickers on VHS rental tapes from your even shittier childhood and/or adolescence (or in other cases your parents and or grandparents...fuck did that make me feel old)
*I fucking love ya'll inspite of how much you may hate me right now
*All sales final just like the horrible decisions I've made in life