I Miss The D: 4.5" Sticker

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I Miss The D. You miss the D. We all miss the D. From waiting in line at the ass crack of dawn till sundown just to get on 3 rides while one of them breaks down halfway through, to getting overpriced frozen pineapple water, to choking on stale churros while accidentally calling it daddy underneath your breath and finishing it all off with a stroll down Main Street to shop for expensive low quality merchandise that you're just going to forget about in a week anyway, there's nothing quite like the D. So clutch your now useless Annual Pass, put on one of your 30+ pair of ears, try to hold back your Tick-Tock Crocodile sized tears and buy this terrible "I Miss The D" glittery rainbow sticker right now so you can let the whole world know exactly how you feel. It's okay. Just let that lingering turkey leg taste in your mouth comfort you and I promise everything will be just fine*...

 *promises not guaranteed

4.5" weather resistant vinyl sticker