Los Tigres Del Norte: A Confusing Tribute To Tiger King! "Daddy Tiger" Edition!

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Are you excited for season 2 of "Tiger King"? No? Then what are you doing here? Go away! Shoo! Any who...for those of you who are, you can now own something that pays the smallest amount of tribute to one of the weirdest fucking documentary series ever along with the famous Mexican Norteño band, "Los Tigres Del Norte"! What do the two have in common you may ask? Next to fucking nothing except for the fact that they both have "Tiger" in their titles! Much wow! And remember how "Tiger King" got us through the beginning of the pandemic? Well this terrible bootleg won't do a damn thing for you. So WTF are you waiting for? Grab this generic tiger toy with shitty artwork and a flimsy plastic bag and be prepare yourself for regret! And it will come with a custom quote from the show or some random shit hand written next to my signature. Yay!


*Totally not made with meth, deception, lies and murder in Los Angeles, CA