Made In Isolation: Enamel Pin

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This trauma triggering pin was made by an extremely traumatized scumbag. When purchasing this pin try not to think about the dozens of plants you killed, the 10 pairs of crocs you purchased or the fluffy pounds you gained during isolation. Instead think about the hundreds of TikTok videos you watched and/or made, the dry ass DIY bread you burned, your failed attempts at living out your roller derby whip it dream and giving yourself some lame...I mean bad ass pseudonym, the terrible shit you binge watched and (for some of you) the screaming, pooping human souvenir you made out of sheer boredom. But if that's too depressing to think about then just buy and wear this terrible pin to remind you that both your best and worst decisions were made in isolation. Probably more worst than best but who's keeping tabs.



*Made with my last shred of sanity in Los Angeles, CA

*You can add buying this pin to the list of one of your worst mistakes

*Sorry but it's too late for Planned Parenthood to prevent or “erase” that one certain accident

*Btw, hows that crypto currency you invested in going?