Mermanny! The 2" Enamel Pin!

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Who wants to be Kawaii when you can be Uglwaii (pronounced Ugh-Why?!?)! Enter the world of ugly cute with Mermanny! A box climbing, sweatshop dwelling, bootlegging warehouse Merman! Created by the amazing Stefie Cakes in tribute to Manny (that's me!) of Special Ed Toys this sad but friendly brownie is ready to bring a little ugly cute into your life whether you you need some positive vibes with a side of dorkiness, a hair draped ear to listen to you, a lonely little weirdo to be lonely with, or just someone to point and blame when you're sad but will still be there for you with an awkward smile and poofy hair to dry your tears with then Mermanny is the Ugwaii pal you need!

And bootleg legend has it that if you set him next to your bed with one of your favorite snacks and you write down whatever is bugging you on a piece of paper and fold it up and set it next to him, in the morning you will feel less crappy about whatever you wrote down because Mermanny has taken your sadness and made it his own! But don't worry! The sadness only makes his hair grow longer! So make some room on your jacket and get ready to meet your new second best friend! I mean he's pretty realistic and realizes he's probably not cool enough to be your actual best friend but he's okay with that!

Quality Sold Separately
-Designed in Mexico, The U.K. and Los Angeles, California! Wow! Try saying that 69 times fast!
-Pin artwork by Stefie Cakes
-Card art to be designed by Special Ed Toys
-Don't feed Mermanny after midnight
-Not cause he'll turn into a Gremlin or something but because he's trying watch his weight
-Ahh who's kidding. Feed him twice at midnight and repeat every 2-3 hours for optimal poofiness
-I love ya'll