Please Be Kind I'm Losing My mind: Enamel Pin

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Please be kind. I'm losing my mind. This nostalgic yet emo enamel pin pays tribute to the old school VHS rental stickers while telling people how shitty you feel. And it comes carded on "Acceleration" VHS movie style card! Which is a totally legit movie! When he said "There's an explosive device on the taco truck." I almost shat myself! And if you even think that this is a rip off of another movie you are delusional AF. This movie is totally legit, completely original and the actors are absolutely real. How have you not heard of Reanu Keeves? He's a total legend and a really nice guy. Like have you not seen him as Geo in The Maetricks?!? And I loved Bandra Sullock in Poultry Cube! So any who... Cop this terrible 1.5" soft enamel pin that let's others know how you're feeling without having to say another exhausting fucking word. Sigh.