Sad Boi Hours: Enamel Pin

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Because in this place Sad Boi Hours are 24/7 and the tears flow like whine. It's a place where there's never a last call on your emotions. A place where the bill of your burdens won't break the bank but they will surely break your heart. So if you're in the mood for bad nights and sad times then this 1.5" piece of enamel feels is for you. So what are you waiting for? Pull up a seat and cry responsibly.

Made while my life fell apart in Los Angeles, CA
*This is an unnecessarily sad pin made by an unnecessarily sad boi
*It is not intended for anyone who genuinely smiles at work, family gatherings or other uncomfortable situations
*If you haven't listened to some sad boi shit on repeat in the past 24 hours then this pin is not for you
*Although the pin may look like a neon sign it will not brighten anything around you, especially not your day