Sassy Skeleton - Original and Glow Edition: Enamel Pin

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Who remembers one of the best cartoon shorts ever made, Silly Symphony's "The Skeleton Dance"? What about the scene when one of the skeletons smacks its ass? Well in tribute to one best moments in spooky cartoon history comes, "Sassy Skeleton" the 2.1" soft enamel pin! Available in both the "Original Spooky Edition" and the "Dancin' In The Dark" Glow Edition! So snag a Sassy Skeleton and be the afterlife of the party with this hella cute but spooky pin!

Made with spooky skeletons in Los Angeles, CA
*Made while snacking on leftover Halloween candy and wondering where it all went wrong
*This poorly made pin is not intended for anyone of any age
*And although it may bring back nostalgic feels from your childhood, it'll also remind you that it's over and that your best years are behind you
*In memory of my plans, live concerts, my mind, fun and Helena