Since When Is It Illegal To Put Caprese Salad Anywhere? - Enamel Pin

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Toby: I didn't put caprese salad in my drawer, Michael.

Michael: Hmm.
Toby: Did you?
Michael: Since when is it illegal to put caprese salad anywhere.
Toby: You know but the police could have been out there you know, catching real criminals instead of here searching my stuff.
Michael: Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me, that's who you're worried about? You're... you're worried about the cop's time? You think I framed you, and you're worried about the taxpayer? God! Welcome back, jerky jerk-face.

Need to frame Toby? Well everything you need is here. 2 lbs worth of...caprese salad. But don't worry. You won't have to pay $500 to a couple of shady next door warehouse employees during your lunch break. You can snag one from this lone shady warehouse employee for only $10! Each 1" Soft Enamel pin comes carded on a 4"x6" full graphics cardback! Salad dressing sold separately. Please read the disclaimer below after purchasing and remember that all sales are final. And don't worry, I'm not wearing a wire.
*Do not attempt to frame Toby with it. It will not work and you will have wasted the taxpayers' money. Plus the police could have been out there catching real criminals. You must feel pretty good about yourself right now. Welcome back jerky jerk-face.

-This is a poorly made action-less pin
-It is not suitable for anyone of any age
-Especially not overworked and underpaid office and warehouse employees
-Do not pay $500 for this pin
-You wanna hear a lie?
-I think you're great
-You're my best friend