Smudge Lord: Without Vegetals! 1.25" Enamel Pin!

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"I no like vegetals."
-Smudge Lord

Blessed are those who buy the very first official Smudge Lord pins! That's right! Whether you know him as "The Salad Cat" or by his infinite amount of "Woman yelling at cat" memes the Smudge Lord is here to bless your enamel pin collection! This official collab is available through my Special Ed Shop and the Smudge Lord Shop but only 100 of each are available through me and once they're gone they're gone! So snag one or both for yourself while you can!

-Made in China, Los Angeles.
-Smudge is Lord.
-In Smudge we trust. In vegetals we do not.
-Terrible artwork by Special Ed Toys (das me!).