Songs That Make You Slit Your Wrists: Enamel Pin

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"Singing songs that make you slit your wrists..."

It isn't that much fun, listening to all these emo songs...but we do it to ourselves anyways! It's time to celebrate MCR and all the sad ass emo music you grew up with! But don't worry, your father won't have to take you to the city to see a marching band to do so! Just pick up one of these terrible 1.6" soft enamel pins with epoxy for your inner emo child and/or for one of your sad ass emo friends and join the sad parade! And I promise that if you do, you'll be O-Fucking-Kay. Trust me!

Made with black mascara filled tears running down my face in Los Angeles, California
*Buying emo pins is not O-Fucking-Kay.
*This pin is not a fashion statement it's a death wish.
*Purchasing this pin will lead to adult teen angst and mascara running down your face.
*Do not attempt to dye or flat iron your hair as your years of being "scene" have left it broken, brittle and sad just like your self esteem.
*Face it. You're never going to make it.