Teamwork Makes The Scream Work: Enamel Pin

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"Teamwork Makes The Scream Work" mashes up three of the most iconic horror film slashers into an enormously terrible 4" Soft Enamel Pin with epoxy that is sure to stand out everywhere you go! So grab one now and let every horny teenager, camp counselor and estranged sibling know that they're never safe with these three around! And while you're at it grab the matching sticker that's also listed in my shop!

*This is a poorly made pin made by a poorly made human being
*It is not suitable for anyone of any age
*Especially horny teenagers, camp counselors and estranged teenagers
*You may wind up slashed to death with semen on your breath
*But I'll gladly take your monies anyways
*Thank you for supporting
*Eat ass
*Buy more of my pins
*Eat more ass
*Love ya'll