The E.T. Phallic Light: 2" Soft Enamel Pin With Epoxy!

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Over 37 years ago one of the greatest films ever made was released and became an instant classic. And from that fame came tons of merchandise featuring everyone's favorite alien. From masks, to clothing, to stuffed animals and even a 5" flesh toned "Finger Light" with a red light up tip. Batteries included. Talk about a toy that will have you staying home and keeping the phone off the hook! But despite creating something that was sure to bring eager fans hours of fun they were quickly taken off the shelf never to be played with again until now...

Introducing the "E.T. Phallic Light" 2" Soft Enamel Pin With Epoxy! And although you can't wear it on your finger or have it wear you, you can wear it on your denim jacket, backpack, bag, etc etc. The holes you can poke this through are almost endless! And each one comes carded on a throwback to the vintage toy packaging you grew up with! So grab one today and show the world your love for E.T.!

*Made in a closet with a Speak And Spell and a handful of Reese's Pieces in Los Angeles, California
*Not suitable for anyone of any age
*These small but long parts may lead to gagging or may just pop off in your eye
*Keep away from thirsty adults
*I'm starting to believe that E.T. said "Poke Hole" and not "Phone Home"