There's A Gap In The Freeway: Black Canvas Tote

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"There's a gap in the freeway."

From the 38 time Academy Award winning (well, at least in my heart) piece of cinematic artistry comes a terrible pun turned into a canvas tote! When I was a terrible child watching this movie for the first time and the scene when they're on the freeway came up and officer Jack Traven finds out there's a gap in the freeway I started wheezing from laughter while my family looked at me like it was the last fucking straw before institutionalizing me! And all because I imagined there being an actual Gap store in the freeway after he says "There's a Gap in freeway"! *laughs maniacally in the dark* It's stupid but it makes me laugh during these even stupider times and hopefully it makes some of ya'll laugh too! So pick one up, re-watch speed and stay above 69! Wait. Was that the correct speed?

*14.5" x 16" 100% 6oz cotton canvas tote

Made with some big round hair cajones in Los Angeles, CA
*Pop quiz hot shot. There's a pun on this product that most of your friends won't understand but you want to buy it anyway. What do you do? What do you do?!?
*Do you think if you pick up all the bus driver's teeth they'll give you another medal?
*There's a bomb...ass taco spot right behind the laundromat in between the liquor store and the Aladdin bail bonds
*I still think this is a prequel to Dumb and Dumber
*You wore khaki cargo pants and fleece vests in the late 90s/early 2000s and it shows
*Hey, I didn't mean to shoot the guy