U"R" Childhood Is Over. Grow Up. 1.5" Pin!

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Let's face it. "U"R" Childhood Is Over. Grow Up." And nothing says that better than this terrible 1.5" Soft Enamel Pin with epoxy that pays tribute to the big shitty orange price tag that you had on most of your toys growing up thanks that damn giraffe! And they would always put it over the best part of the artwork too. Bastards. Which is why I'm helping you relive that trauma with the help of the cardback art which replicates the top left hand corner of an action figure cardback from your childhood you now wish you had kept in mint condition! Yay! So snag one now while you can!

*Made in China, Los Angeles
*This is a poorly made pin made by a poorly made human being
*It is not suitable for anyone of any age
*Do not buy this to relive your childhood as you will only find pain and sadness there
*Your childhood is over
*Grow up
*Eat ass
*Buy more of my pins